“It’s Not My Circus” – OH YES IT IS!

How do you spell liar? – “L-A-U-R-A”


Breaking News (but no surprise): District 5 Council Member Laura Emdee, despite saying the District 4 recall effort is not HER CIRCUS has been revealed to be heavily involved in the divisive action as part of a private Facebook group started on May 27, 2021.


Only months after District 4 Council Member Zein Obagi Jr was sworn into office, Council Members Laura Emdee and Christian Horvath were apparently already plotting a way to take back control of the city council. The proof is these posts on a nasty private Facebook page that appears to be administered at that time by District 3 Councilmember Christian Horvath and another person. The screen shots you see here were taken on August 4 and 5th of 2021, and the names on this page should look very familiar. They are the same few people who are trolling about various Facebook pages spewing falsehoods being fed to them by a mystery person. Is it you Laura Emdee?


This is an all-time low for Redondo Beach politics. Two councilmembers for almost a year have been participating in a plot to recall a fellow council member to claw back power and harm our city. How sickening!


It seems that, gaining no District 4 grassroots traction for 8 months (probably due to a lack of funding), something miraculously changed after Councilmember Emdee spoke with Pot Dealer Elliot Lewis for 2 hours in late January 2022. A few weeks later the Pot Guy, on a tiny local podcast (hosted by another apparent member of this private Facebook group) announced HE was recalling Obagi – not the residents (See Link Here). The host of the podcast is an ethically challenged, well known public liar, former Vice president of the RB Chamber, and former NRBBA president. Her podcast guests were the Pot Guy, the CenterCal Shills Arnette Travis and Chris Voisey, as well as failed council candidate Paul Moses. Nearly 8 people watched this tiny podcast live as the host tried to act surprised when the Pot Guy announced the recall. An interesting thing to note is the host was the 2nd person to sign the initial proponent petition to recall. We have to ask did she sign it before or after the show?


Should Emdee now deny the connection, ask her these questions.


  • Why were you part of this covert group organized in May of 2021 to start a recall of a newly-elected Council Member?


  • How much money did your covert group raise for this effort?


  • Why did you have a two-hour chat with a Pot Guy in January 2022 who said he had cash to burn after YOU declared him not someone to deal with, and implored constituents to NOT sign his pot initiative back in October 2021? There was no pending business with the pot dealer and the City; no reason for further communication.  Yet you chose to initiate contact with him to “get to know him” using his words.  Why?


  • A couple weeks later the Pot Guys says he is recalling Obagi and paying for it. It’s not exactly a coincidence when you were participating in plotting a recall and going so far as to recommend replacement candidates!  Back in August 2021!  With NO MONEY and NO OFFICIAL POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE.


  • The pot guy also talked about building housing at the AES site which has nothing to do with his core pot business, but has been part of YOUR push! Why would the pot guy adopt the Emdee political talking points, complete with the Emdee narrative to “flip the Council back?”


Council members Laura Emdee and Christian Horvath can add another approximate $100,000 cost (as estimated by the city clerk) in their attempt to take back power in the city council. The ever-escalating estimate of their total cost to the city of Redondo after 7 years in office is $20,100,000 (Twenty Million One Hundred Thousand Dollars).


To put the recall election cost in perspective that could pay for a Police Officer, a Fire Department First responder, and who knows how many pickle ball courts.


Does anyone out there still question why Emdee and Horvath were recently passed up by the council majority to be Mayor Pro Tem?  The fact that they will be termed out before the next Mayor Pro Tem rotation ends on June 30, 2023, should have been “black and white” justification enough.  They had the nerve to cry foul over a city council vote that was well within the City Charter rules, yet had no problem working almost immediately to overturn a fair election because they didn’t like the result!


As we wade through this chapter of Cronyism and Hate in Redondo Beach, in that same February 2022 pod cast, the Pot Guy said he was talking to the AES site owner but wouldn’t go into any details (See Link Here).  As we announced last month, the AES site owner is suing the city to force us to change zoning so he can build hundreds or a thousand condos there.


Is this lawsuit the next smoking gun pointing to District Council Member Laura Emdee?  What other shenanigans might she be involved in to overturn four election results on that issue?


How many times was Emdee adamantly bellowing that she was not involved?  When passed over for Mayor Pro Tem recently she repeated THE BIG LIE used in the recall signature gathering process; saying to Councilmember Obagi, “Well YOU want to get rid of the fire department!” – words Obagi has NEVER UTTERED, and this right after Obagi voted to fund another $1.4 million for the department; right after Obagi said he voted for 100% transparency in finishing the study to have ALL THE FACTS AND FIGURES.  Yet there was Emdee, bellowing out THE BIG LIE during a Council meeting, falsely attacking Obagi again.


For Councilmember Horvath to suggest Emdee has been slighted is a gross interpretation of what’s really been going on.  They no longer have the majority Council vote and can no longer fleece our city unabashedly, and with the help of outside and special-interest deep pockets.  Do NOT invite this cronyism back into Redondo Beach.  March 31, 2023 cannot come soon enough.  Of course, they can resign before then and do us all a favor!


NO on the District 4 Drug Dealer Funded recall!


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