ROW Year-End Legal Defense Fundraiser


We urgently need your help!


We did our part to save the waterfront from unscrupulous developers and their local enablers and have finally begun the process of revitalizing our harbor. The next steps are approving and implementing plans to make dramatic improvements to Seaside Lagoon and the waterfront.


Even with this positive advance forward the developer is still trying to punish us for making the will of the people a reality after rejecting their bloated harbor mall.


As we previously reported, attorneys for Redondo Beach Waterfront and CenterCal properties continue in a malicious attempt to extort money and bankrupt those who defended Redondo Beach. They recently filed a motion to force us to pay $164,560 for their legal expenses after the trial judge (not us) called them out for being behind the sham lawsuit using shills Chris Voisey and Arnette Travis.


The court date is coming up next month and our attorneys are working hard to get the motion thrown out and we need help.


All this costs money so we are holding a special Year-End Fundraiser.  We are privileged to hold our event at the new King Harbor Cantina prior to its grand opening so you will be the first to check out this great new harbor venue.


This event will also allow everyone who worked so hard to Rescue Our Waterfront to reconnect and plan next steps to make the goals of Redondo Beach Residents a reality.


If you can’t make the event you can still make difference with a donation (Here)


ROW Year-End Legal Defense Fundraiser

Monday December 11th, 7:00 pm

King Harbor Cantina 

207 N Harbor Dr, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Please RSVP at


ROW is you and you are ROW!

Let’s Revitalize not Supersize our Habor!


For those asking here’s a link on how we got in the mess Here


Thank you for your continued support!


We are getting closer to our goal but ROW still needs your help to defend Redondo Beach residents from unscrupulous developers and crony corruption, and to help build the future you voted for at the ballot box, so please donate Here.