Don’t Let a Drug Dealer Buy Our City Council


An out-of-town drug dealer has aligned with those in the picture to bankroll a recall election in Redondo Beach.  This is an attempted coup to flip a city council seat back to one of their cronies. The recall is the latest plan to undo what the community fought for in 2017 by electing 2 new City Council Members and a Mayor to put a stop to the decades of corruption and cronyism by the RB Chamber of Commerce running and ruining our city. The final win occurred in March of 2021, when we voted in a resident-centric, 3 Council-Member majority that prioritizes residents’ concerns over outside special interests.


Over the past year, great things began to happen. With a resident-focused majority we can now add agenda items to City Council meetings that were blocked for years. This is how the King Harbor Amenities plan was finally launched.  This is how District 4 traffic mitigation efforts, expanded Artesia Blvd Business Corridor business support, multiple park improvements, and new Community Gardens began, just to name a few. Sadly, the lame duck politicians now out of the majority want to return to their good old crony days of doing nothing and selling out to special interest groups, losing control of OUR City land, and ignoring voters’ ballot-box decisions.


The latest scheme began two weeks after District 5 Council Member Laura Emdee had a two-hour chat with a Long Beach drug dealer she wanted to get to know better. While on a local podcast hosted by the Chamber of Commerce VP, the drug dealer announced “he”, not the residents, was going to recall a council member. The drug dealer also said he was in conversation with the guy who owns the AES site, who might also participate. The AES site owner is another person with whom Council Member Emdee chats, and who wants to build over 1,000 condos in our coastal zone.


The drug dealer has already spent over $230,000 on the recall effort and to pass a ballot measure that favors his own cannabis stores. The drug dealer is spending an estimated $40,000 for out-of-town, paid signature gathers in District 4 to qualify this non-resident-funded recall for the ballot in late Summer or early Fall. Don’t be fooled, as the people knocking on doors claim to be Redondo residents but in fact are just outsiders getting paid for each signature collected.  This is yet another outsider, special-interest-funded battle we can fight and win. If we don’t stop this latest sham, we will see a return of crony past, now with a Council Member bought and paid for by a drug dealer. Here is the guy admitting he is behind the recall Here


To see how bad this guy will be for our city, here’s ONE EXAMPLE of the videos he posts.  After watching this, we still don’t understand why Council Member Laura Emdee had a two-hour phone call to “get to know him better” especially since she congratulated the drug dealer for uniting the Council AGAINST the drug dealer last October!  Guess $$$ talks for Emdee if it gets her what she wants! The few District 4 residents claiming this is a local effort are not being honest, as they have sold out to a drug dealer. The word around town is one of them already thinks they are on the short list to run if the recall qualifies for a special election.


The disgruntled few haven’t raised one dime or conducted any of their own fundraising efforts for this recall.  They didn’t get any traction until “someone apparently had a two-hour phone conversation” and landed a deep-pockets windfall from a drug dealer to attempt to overturn our 2021 election results.


What can you do?


  1.  Tell the signature gatherers you don’t want to sign and to go away.
  2.  Tell your neighbors what is going on.
  3. If you have already signed the petition after being misled by signature gatherers, you can take your name off the recall petition.
  4. Click on this link SIGNATURE REMOVAL FORM so you can print and drop off at the clerk’s office.

Drop the form off ASAP to the Clerk’s Office at City Hall to keep the Council Member you elected – not one bought by a drug dealer from Long Beach.

City Clerk’s Office Address

415 Diamond Street

Redondo Beach


See D4 Map boundary in blue and be sure to tell any friends you know that may be District 4 Residents.


You can read the latest update just posted here Post 5/19/22




We are getting closer to our goal but ROW still needs your help to defend Redondo Beach residents from unscrupulous developers and crony corruption, and to help build the future you voted for at the ballot box, so please donate Here.