CenterCal Properties Sued Again!

CenterCal Sued Again!

Redondo Beach residents know CenterCal doesn’t pay their bills, their contractual obligations, their lawsuit judgments and has cost us millions. But do other cities? Buyer beware!

In another stunning display of flagrant “If It Doesn’t Go Our Way, We’ll Refuse To Pay”. CenterCal has apparently turned on yet another of their “Paid Co-Conspirators Who Couldn’t Deliver the CenterCal way!” We have learned CenterCal was sued on 11/8/19 by their lobbyist Susan McCabe after she reports being stiffed of $120,945.48 payment for her services. You may recall that McCabe’s job was to lobby the California Coastal Commission to NOT certify Measure C, and “green light” the illegal Waterfront Project.

For other cities out there considering a partnership with CenterCal Properties, here’s a short list of how much money it has just cost Redondo Beach and its residents.

Victim Item Cost 
City of Redondo Beach Environmental Impact Study and other costs $                 1,200,000
City of Redondo Beach Measure C Lawsuit Defense $                    500,000
City of Redondo Beach CEQA Lawsuit Legal Fees Owed attorneys $                    683,481
City of Redondo Beach $15 Million Dollar Lawsuit Defense (So Far) $                    500,000
City of Redondo Beach $9 Million Fun Factory Lease Payout $                 9,000,000
City of Redondo Beach Interest for $9M Fun Fadctory Lease Buyout $                 4,000,000
Redondo Beach Residents SLAPP Lawsuit (Travis-Voisey Plaintiff Shills) $                    896,000
Current Total $               16,779,481
Additional Costs (defense and other payouts) $                 8,000,000
Total Actual and Potential Losses $              24,779,481

What is even more alarming is we may end up paying millions more thanks to Redondo Beach District 4 Council Member John Gran (see additional costs defense and other payouts above). Recently Council Member Gran revealed a closed session city council discussion which is illegal per the Brown Act disclosing a secret negotiation between CenterCal and the buyer of the AES plant property. Speaking about this in public jeopardizes our negotiations, and could put Redondo Beach on the hook for Millions more. Way to go District 4 Council Member John Gran!

So to any cities still thinking of working with CenterCal Properties, you would be wise to “Think Again” when reviewing how they have treated Redondo Beach and their own “Contractors for Hire”. It’s said past behavior is a good indicator of future behavior so heed our warning.

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