ROW Legal Defense Fundraiser


We did our part and saved the waterfront from unscrupulous developers and their local enablers – now we need your help!


In the latest attempt to extort money and bankrupt those who defended Redondo Beach residents, attorneys for Redondo Beach Waterfront and CenterCal properties principals Fred Bruning and Jean Paul Wardy filed a motion to compel us to pay $164,560 for their legal expenses. This after the trial judge (not us) called them out for being behind the sham lawsuit using shills Chris Voisey and Arnette Travis.


This action is even more offensive when you consider they broke their contract with the city, have cost Redondo Beach about $22 Million Dollars, and were just given $2 Million Dollars to leave Redondo for good.


The cost to throw this absurd motion out of court requires your help to stop their financial assault on Redondo Beach residents.  It’s also an opportunity to show how far we have come since 2017 and meet up with old friends. At the fundraiser we will also update you on the important steps taking place with the harbor amenities plan, ideas for a new and Improved Seaside Lagoon, as well as design concepts for the Ocean Exploration center.


Bring a bottle of wine valued at $10-$25 or donate $25 to enter. Wine will be given away as prizes and auctions.


If you can’t make the event feel free to donate a bottle or two of wine, make a donation (ROW payment Link Here), or send a gift we can auction off.


ROW Legal Defense Fundraiser

Wednesday October 25th, 7:00 pm

R10 Social House

179 N Harbor Dr, Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Please RSVP at


ROW is you and you are ROW!

Let’s Revitalize not Supersize our Habor!



For those asking here’s a link on how we got in the mess Here


*We are getting closer to our goal but ROW still needs your help to defend Redondo Beach residents from unscrupulous developers, outside special interests, and crony corruption, and to help build the future you voted for at the ballot box, so please donate Here