REDISTRICTING UPDATE – 12/7/21 – Comments Needed Again Before 630PM Tonight!

The LA County proposed map compared to the Gerrymandered one created in 1812 –

We can’t see much difference. 


There are only two more meetings until they make a final decision this Sunday, so you need to make a public comment now!


We are having an impact but it’s still far from over. We know this is a hassle, but the agenda is changing almost daily and the Commission is holding separate “working groups” to come up with more Gerrymandered maps.


From the latest agenda and new draft maps the Redistricting Commission is starting to look at the B-3 Map which we favor.  That said they are also still pushing other flawed maps that would lump the South Bay with the San Fernando Valley or Downtown Los Angeles.


The other two maps under serious consideration will move us into either District 3 or District 2, sticking us with an unelected new Supervisor who has zero experience with our area.  No doubt they would focus on their current area of representation. With such a large budget and so much financial assistance and other support coming from our current Supervisor, this would be a huge loss to Redondo Beach, the Beach Cities, the PV Peninsula and much of the South Bay.


Send a written Public Comment NOW before the meeting by following these steps.

Use this link to make comments for tonight’s meeting 12-7-21


What to do:

  • Favor Map B-3

Select Option B-3, click Favor. Then write that Map B3 is the best choice for the county as well as communities of interest in the South Bay and Beach Cities. The South Bay has a harbor, beach, and other coastal issues that impact the area which are reflected in map B3.


  • Oppose Map F-2

You can also Select Option F-2, Click Oppose.  Then detail the reasons why combining the San Fernando Valley with the South Bay makes no sense and will undermine our representation in Los Angeles County. This map is the textbook definition of Gerrymandering and must be rejected.


  • Oppose Map G

Almost as bad as Map F as it would combine the South Bay with Downtown LA.


To make a Public Comment Live On the Zoom Call

Members of the public who would like to make a live public comment will need to sign up via the Zoom Q&A function during the public hearing by 6 PM (PST).

Launch Meeting – Zoom



More General Information About LA County Redistricting


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We are getting closer to our goal but ROW still needs your help to defend Redondo Beach residents from unscrupulous developers and crony corruption, and to help build the future you voted for at the ballot box, so please donate Here.