We Slapped the SLAPP, Still Slimy Shills Shirk Stiff Bills

Two years ago today justice prevailed when ROW, its leadership, and two Redondo Beach elected officials and a campaign volunteer were awarded just over $898,000 defending themselves from a malicious SLAPP lawsuit.  The victorious defendants were Mayor Bill Brand, his volunteer Treasurer, Council Member Nils Nehrenheim, and ROW President Wayne Craig.

Since that verdict, the defendants and their counsel haven’t received one dime in court-ordered reimbursement.  The case continues as court-labeled “Shills” Arnette Travis and Chris Voisey, for Redondo Beach Waterfront (aka CenterCal), and Gregory Geiger of Westport Capital, lost in court, but drag this out on an appeal.  They do this, no doubt, to continue their vendetta to financially ruin your elected officials, a campaign volunteer, and activists who merely opposed the illegal shopping-mall project CenterCal tried to jam in our harbor.  (http://www.rescueourwaterfront.org/2019/06/27/judgement-day-time-to-pay-900000/)

As their baseless appeals continue, we are incurring additional legal and court expenses, with a total now exceeding more than $1.5 million.  The costs accumulate thanks to these vindictive people who simply won’t admit they were wrong and have never thought to apologize.

What is most distressing, as we remember this day, is that the City Council member from District 5 recently said we should “just get over it” and “it’s not a big deal.” Let’s unpack that out-of-touch suggestion:

The purpose of the CenterCal/Westport Capital lawsuit against us was never about justice.  It was a malicious and baseless “SLAPP” (Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation).  SLAPP suits are designed to put maximum stress on the people being sued, to discourage or prevent them from opposing positions on public matters.  They are meant to create personal financial distress, privacy invasion, emotional stress, reputation and business damage, as well as health problems.  If you speak to any of the defendants, they will tell you what this case has cost them beyond the legal expenses.

To the Council Member who says, “get over it”, how about starting with the following:

  • Pay back the over $898,000 in legal fees awarded (now over $1.5 Million owed, with appeal costs) the “Shills for a Sham Lawsuit”, Arnette Travis and Chis Voisey, owe us.
  • Reimburse the lost income for the thousands of hours we had to sacrifice from our jobs and running our businesses.
  • Have your pals (that include fellow council members and a vocal elected official in the Treasurer’s office) publically apologize to us for continuing, to this day, attacking our families, businesses, employers, and spreading lies to our friends and neighbors.

To that “it’s not a big deal” council member, please note it will get real very fast when these expenses for their “sham lawsuit” are collected through legal action from the “shills”.  We have a judgement against them, and we plan to collect even if Redondo Beach Waterfront (CenterCal) attempts to avoid paying us back.  (See screen shot below).  Perhaps you should take a moment to call that “Shill” friend of yours (the same one you pose for pics with in public) and tell them this will become very real and very consequential, soon.

On a closing note, we have to ask how deep the planning and implementation of this lawsuit goes in the Redondo Beach circle of public officials?  How did District 4 Council Member John Gran know about the lawsuit before those of us being sued did?  From his comments, council member John Gran knew about the sham SLAPP lawsuit before we were even served notice from the court.  It’s obvious he knows the people behind it, so maybe his constituents should know his involvement.

To the council member from District 5 who thinks we should “get over it” and “it’s not a big deal”, we have to ask you one question: Would you?


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