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Welcome 2020 – ROW Needs Your Support

Welcome 2020 – ROW Needs Your Support

As the New Year begins, ROW continues to protect Redondo Beach Residents, because a majority of our elected officials will not. Specifically, the same three North Redondo City Council members scramble to retain power of the “Old Guard” regime at all costs, blocking everything Mayor Brand was elected to accomplish to benefit all Redondo Residents. The Combination […]

Judgement Day!                      Time To Pay $900,000

Judgement Day! Time To Pay $900,000

Thursday, June 27, 2019 marked a great day for the truth, justice, democracy and the people of Redondo Beach. The judge in the CenterCal and Westport Capital-funded frivolous and malicious lawsuit filed in name only by shills Chris Voisey and Arnette Travis, granted motions for defense counsel’s legal fees totaling just over $898,000. In other […]