VOTE NO ON RECALL and NO ON MEASURE E Before October 19th!

How much to buy a Redondo Beach city council seat, a city council majority, or even the mayor’s seat in 2025? That question is being answered right now in the Long Beach Pot Store owner funded recall and Ballot Measure E. You should have already received the special election mail in ballot.

District 4 Redondo Beach residents must vote NOW against the effort to place a puppet in a council seat and flip the majority back to the awful cronies we recently voted out. This new CenterCal and Leo Pustilnikov slanted majority could bring back their massive mall, stop the King Harbor amenities plan, end the Beach Life Festivals, and manipulate State-controlled zoning of our City to thrust thousands of homes on the power plant property.

You may remember the recall effort appears to have been started by compromised District 5 Council Member Laura Emdee after a 2-hour conversation she had with the Long Beach pot guy. Immediately after the call the pot guy said HE was paying for the recall on a tiny podcast show hosted by the person now running. What a coincidence!

This election is critically important to the future of King Harbor and the harbor amenities plan. What is worse is they have apparently teamed up with the AES owner to try to rezone and force construction of thousands of condos at the AES site, something Redondo Residents have voted against on 5 city wide elections.

Here’s a short list of what’s at stake:

  • Termination of the King Harbor Amenities plan
  • End the Beach Life Festivals
  • Allowing the AES owner to build thousands of condos at the AES site Easy Reader Article
  • Allows the Pot Store owner to get a monopoly in the city avoid paying millions of dollars in fees while controlling our retail cannabis ordinance
  • Pay CenterCal the $15 Million they are asking for in their current lawsuit
  • Create a massive increase in commuter traffic across the city
  • Once again prevent the mayor from appointing qualified persons to city commissions
  • Cease all measures to improve and modernize the Redondo Beach Fire Department

The Fire Department, Police Department, even the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce won’t support the recall or Measure E!

Despite claims to the contrary Council Member Obagi has the full support of Redondo Beach Firefighters and voted for over $1.4 Million in additional funding to the RB Fire Department.

Video Link – Firefighters Supporting Obagi


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We are getting closer to our goal but ROW still needs your help to defend Redondo Beach residents from unscrupulous developers, outside special interests, and crony corruption, and to help build the future you voted for at the ballot box, so please donate Here