Speak Out – Harbor Amenities Meeting Wednesday 12/15/21 at 6:30PM

After fighting for 6 years to have a say in the future of King Harbor, now is our real chance.  Thanks to the voters in March 2021, the City Council majority has finally shifted toward being resident-centric.  That means your voices will be heard and listened to.  Come be a part of it, at long last!


The City of Redondo Beach has commenced a planning effort to establish a framework plan to improve and enhance various public amenities within the City’s waterfront, King Harbor. With improved amenities, our shoreline facilities will be enhanced to provide better, coastal dependent, sustainable and entertainment resources for residents and visitors alike.



Wednesday, December 15th, 2021, 6:30pm -8:00pm

Sign up for the Zoom meeting here:




The city is working to site key requirements, features and improvements in the harbor that will include:

  • The location of the public boat ramp – a requirement of the California Coastal Commission.
  • Where should the new sport fishing pier be located?
  • Options to improve Seaside Lagoon and expand its operation.
  • Hand Launching Boat Area
  • International Boardwalk Improvements


After the 2017 Election Rescue Our Waterfront held several community meetings and presented various options to the Redondo Beach City Council. Unfortunately, at that time, a majority of council members favored stagnation and continuing to work with litigious mall developer CenterCal. This was in spite of the majority of Redondo Beach Residents vehemently rejecting that plan.


Thanks again to the voters who successfully changed that decades old, pro-developer dynamic.  It’s our time now.  WE can determine the future of King Harbor and not be shut out by special moneyed interests or a Council beholden to the old guard regime.


Please participate in this hard-won victory for the future of King Harbor.


We are getting closer to our goal but ROW still needs your help to defend Redondo Beach residents from unscrupulous developers and crony corruption, and to help build the future you voted for at the ballot box, so please donate Here.