Congratulations Redondo – We Won Again!

We thwarted the latest big moneyed outside special interest and their local enablers attacking our city.


This latest pathetic effort has apparently set a record to buy a city council seat.  In total nearly $500,000 was pumped into a recall election to crown an alleged PR expert from the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce into a city council seat. The amount of cash wasted is astounding as it’s nearly 33 times the normal cost of $15,000 to run a typical city council campaign. What is even more laughable is all that cash spent netted 72% of voters saying NO to the recall.


After this latest embarrassing loss, the same group is attempting to rewrite history (again), scorching Redondo to destroy the reputations of anyone standing in their way. This time, they support another deep pockets developer attempts to build nearly 2,700 condos at the AES powerplant site which is not zoned for housing.  That 50-acre property was specifically excluded as part of the recent plan approved by the State for overlay zoning for new housing allocations. It’s just the latest all-out effort to divide our community, support developers to make money, who then leave town.


You would have thought the prior labors of filing frivolous lawsuits, trying to bankrupt residents exercising their First Amendment Rights, and destroying their personal businesses would be enough of an all-time low move. Apparently, that answer is no as seen in the latest doublespeak smear campaign that would make George Orwell cringe.


These revisionist deceivers are also back to pushing myths about the failed CenterCal harbor mall. With that in mind we thought it would be a good time to do a reality check on where we are with the Revitalization of King Harbor.


Where are we, how we got here, and what’s next?


The short version is the lawsuit against the city filed in 2017 is still pending with Redondo Beach Waterfront (CenterCal Properties) and is expected to go to trial next year. The legal status is known as “Lis Pendis” and why the city can’t start breaking ground on anything new until the court makes a final ruling. We probably won’t know that until months after the trial is completed.


In the intervening years after the original lawsuit was filed the city has won key portions of the case. That is why we have the Beach Life Festival and have started collecting bids for the Harbor Amenities plan. That process will determine items such as the location of the public boat ramp and new sport fishing pier/location, as well as options to improve Seaside Lagoon and expand its operations year-round.


The stark reality is with the case going to trial next year, and the additional time needed to finalize construction bids, we are still several years away before we will see a Revitalized King Harbor.


For those whining loudly that nothing has happened, you can thank the termed-out council members who tied us up in this stupid lawsuit since 2017. As a reminder, the previous council with former Mayor Aspel at the helm voted to enter into a 99-year lease agreement, WITHOUT AN APPROVED PROJECT FOR THE HARBOR. THAT is why we’re here! In total it has cost the city years of stagnation and by most estimates nearly $20 Million Dollars and rising.


To those placing blame it’s time to look in the mirror. You own this mess so stop pawning it off on others.


Let’s stand together Redondo in this latest attempt to divide us – we are better than that!