URGENT CALL TO ACTION! Stop the Beach Cities from being lumped into a NEW County District with Downtown Los Angeles

Stop the Beach Cities from being lumped into a NEW County District

with Downtown Los Angeles.

– Next Meeting Tomorrow 12/11/21 at 9am.


After the meeting today the Beach Cities have been lumped into Downtown LA and separated from the PV Peninsula, San Pedro, and Long Beach. This makes no sense and unless WE SPEAK OUT NOW it will be too late! We will be rolled into a district with a New County Supervisor who has no experience with the needs of our communities.

Send a written Public Comment NOW before the meeting by following these steps.

Use this link to make comments for tomorrow’s meeting 12-11-21 ASAP before it starts at 9am.


Click Oppose Map F3

In the comments note:


I would only approve Map F3 with the following changes.

 Move the beach cities back into District 4 and exchange for more traditional areas closer to downtown for District 2. The beach cities have much more in common with Torrance, PV Peninsula and Long Beach than parts of downtown.

 Likewise, the communities of District 2 have much more in common with the areas closer to downtown than the beach cities. This is rather obvious and a simple change that will greatly enhance the goal of matching common communities of interest and greatly improve this map, as well as minimize changes from the current District lines.

 Unnecessary changes for both District 2 and District 4 can be eliminated with these simple tweaks.


Here is the meeting agenda

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To make a Public Comment Live On the Zoom Call

Members of the public who would like to make a live public comment will need to sign up via the Zoom Q&A function during the public hearing by 6 PM (PST).

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