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Happy 4th Of July - You’ve Been Sued!

Lawsuit after lawsuit has been CenterCal’s strategy for retaliation after their disastrous election loss to Measure C on March 7, but now they have reached a new low.

As you know, CenterCal already filed lawsuits against our City of Redondo Beach, our new Mayor Bill Brand, and former Council Member Steve Sammarco. Ironically just as our nation was preparing to celebrate summer and Independence Day, CenterCal filed yet another lawsuit. This latest one appears to be intended to silence the freedom of speech of opponents of their proposed mall at the sea. The newest lawsuit is against Rescue Our Waterfront President Wayne Craig, co-founder Martin Holmes, and additionally against Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand, his volunteer Treasurer Linda Moffat, and new Council Member Nils Nehrenheim.

The latest lawsuit alleges ROW, a legally operated general purpose PAC since July 2016, was secretly controlled by our new mayor and other candidates during the campaign for the March 2017 election. While ROW endorsed many candidates and Measure C, it did so with the guidance of the State Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC). Mayor Brand, Council Member Nehrenheim, nor any other candidates had anything to do with directing ROWs actions or operations. Measure C was a landslide victory due to the hard work of hundreds of volunteers, despite being out spent by CenterCal’s $525,000 to our $25,000.

This new lawsuit was filed in the names of two Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce and Leadership Redondo members (Chris Voisey and Arnette Travis). While listed as plaintiffs, it’s unlikely these chamber surrogates had the ability to compose and create the lawsuit on their own. The Sutton Law Firm referenced in the lawsuit documents, is the same firm retained by the No On Measure C campaign PAC (with major funding by CenterCal) and paid over $45,000 by them according to election fillings. It’s possible the plaintiffs were asked to add their names to this lawsuit since they are known, vocal CenterCal supporters and merely reside in Redondo Beach. Given their outspoken support for other pro CenterCal candidates and officials, one could speculate further. What’s clear is this latest lawsuit appears to be yet another CenterCal attempt to intimidate residents, and ram through their plan to build a 525,000 square foot mall the size of 5 Walmart’s in our harbor, voters be damned!

What CenterCal and its surrogates may not be aware of, or perhaps choose to ignore, is a special statute in California called Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation or ‘SLAPP’. It references moneyed companies filing frivolous lawsuits just to silence the opposition. Companies using intimidation tactics like these don’t really believe they have a chance of winning. The lawsuit is slapped just to scare people from speaking out, by burdening active and vocal opponents with legal fees and invasive discovery.

Rescue Our Waterfront is formally notifying CenterCal and its’ surrogates that we plan to fight back and not let them silence your voices!

Maybe they just haven’t gotten the message, even after losing miserably in an election where they outspent Redondo Beach residents nearly 25 to 1. Despite their continued falsehoods and baseless lawsuits, we are not giving up.

For our supporters, ROW is currently fighting on several legal fronts to Revitalize Not Supersize our Harbor.

It appears we now must even defend our right just to speak out… because according to CenterCal, ”We Deserve It”.

We need your support now more than ever.

Please go to our website now at and help ROW continue to defend Redondo Beach.
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Sharing for your information!
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Proof we are on the right path!

One year ago today we filed Measure C with the City.

Rescue Our Waterfront (ROW) gathered over 7,000 signatures in record time and ran a campaign on a shoestring budget. With hundreds of volunteers and residents, we beat a billion dollar company that outspent us 25 to 1 ($525,000 to $25,000). In addition to passing Measure C, ROW endorsed Bill Brand for Mayor, Nils Nehrenheim and Todd Loewenstein for City Council, all winning election by wide margins. Subsequent to those achievements, the resident-sponsored appeal to the California Coastal Commission found substantial issue with CenterCal’s mall project, voiding the CDP with a De Novo hearing pending for later this year.

So do you wonder how CenterCal has responded to all of these defeats? If you said “let’s go litigation crazy” you are correct. So far at least 3 lawsuits were filed to force this mall on our City, as their CEO Bruning so famously stated “Because You deserve it,” and "Because the City asked us to!" Incredulous, isn't it? Major defeats at the ballot box telling CenterCal in no uncertain terms that they and their big mall project are not wanted here, and they continue with their losing propaganda machine? One can only imagine what’s coming next, and who else will join the losing mix of CenterCal's rhetoric, intimidation and bully tactics.

Isn’t it long past time to move forward already? Let’s choose a developer who has experience in a harbor and one that actually wants to partner with the people of Redondo Beach.
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Jeep performing at Rivera Summer Festival today! If you missed him today come back tomorrow!
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Come on down to our booth at the Riviera Summer Festival. We are on Ave I just East of Catalina.