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Rescue Our Waterfront was formed in 2015 by Redondo Beach Residents with the mission of protecting and preserving the coastline and surrounding areas for public recreational purposes.

ROW advocates positive development and changes to Redondo Beach intended to make it more livable, preserving and enhancing coastal access and ocean views, creating open space and parkland, and opposing traffic congestion growth. We do this while balancing The City of Redondo Beach’s financial health, public safety, quality of education, community character, and other concerns.

We are active in many current changes to the city. One example is the combination of many changes to the pier and harbor area, and changes approaching regarding the AES Redondo Beach Power Plant site – which is 51 acres:
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We're only a day away from our summer fundraiser! Please consider donating any gift cards, sports memorabilia or unique experiences. If you have an item that you would like to donate please let Candace Nafissi know! or 310-245-5871. Thanks for your support! ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago

Rescue our Waterfront

Come on down to the Riviera Summer Festival in Riviera Village this weekend. Stop by the South Bay Parkland Conservancy booth and you can see some familiar faces. ... See MoreSee Less

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1 month ago

Rescue our Waterfront

It appears the California Coastal Commission is now fed up with the CenterCal mall. Today they formally requested the city and CenterCal withdrawal their application for both the mall project, and the boat ramp.

It’s still not over yet but here’s a message to Redondo Beach City Council members Laura Emdee and Christian Horvath.

What more will it take for you to finally stop this insanity?

Your actions already have:

1. Wasted $9M in city funds buying out the Fun Factory lease to build the mall.

2. Forced the city into defending itself in a $15 Million dollar lawsuit filed by CenterCal.

3. Encouraged your financial sponsor CenterCal via apparent proxies, to file frivolous lawsuits against residents just for how they voted.

Redondo Beach residents are fed up so as their beneficiaries, please tell CenterCal they need to withdrawal the project applications, drop all their lawsuits, and leave town.

It’s time for us to finally work with a real public partner to revitalize our harbor and the AES site.COASTAL COMMISSION STAFF FORMALLY REQUESTS CITY AND CENTERCAL TO WITHDRAW THE BOAT RAMP AND MALL PROJECTS!

Today, the California Coastal Commission staff sent a formal letter to the City and CenterCal requesting withdrawl of the mall-by-the-sea and the boat ramp. In essence the CCC staff cited that the judge's ruling on the CEQA violations means that 1) the CCC staff would require the new EIR data to make its deliberations, and 2) since the City Staff and CenterCal are prohibited from working with the Coastal Commission, it would be impossible for staff to prepare in time for the August deadline. Furthermore, the staff said they cannot decide anything based on CenterCal's downscoped plan becuase there is not enough supporting data.

The CCC staff letter went on to state even if they could get Judge Chalfant to change his ruling or if another court upon appeal would allow CenterCal and the City to work with CCC staff, there is insufficient time to work with CenterCal and the City to resolve issues.

Alternately, the City and CenterCal could choose to pursue those portions of the projects in the Coastal Commission's original jurisdiction (essentially Seaside Lagoon and most of Mole B), as those have until April 0f 2019 to be heard.

It sounds like the CCC staff has basically told the City and CenterCal to withdraw the applications or they will be forced to reject them.

Meanwhile, Measure C WILL be heard in August. It is looking more and more like the Redondo Beach citizens’ ongoing support of the resistance to CenterCal’s unrelenting litigation against the City and those who disagree with them, and of BBR’s CEQA action, along with the ROW and BBR appeals to the Coastal Commission, are beginning to bear fruit.”
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3 months ago

Rescue our Waterfront

Two Redondo residents who have been long-time supporters of the CenterCal mall in King Harbor are personally suing newly-elected Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand. Arnett Travis and Chris Voisey filed suit last June accusing Bill of being a controlling candidate of Rescue Our Waterfront, which is false, but requires him to spend his own money defending himself.

He has nearly exhausted his campaign funds paying for all the legal fees, so he needs our financial help to continue to defend himself. All the dirty details are below, but as you know, Bill has been actively fighting for our town for over 15 years and has never asked for money except to support the initiatives, referendums and campaigns he has supported, all to protect our beach community and quality of life. Not just in Redondo Beach, but for the South Bay. Bill is not a wealthy person, partly because he has spent much of his time fighting for us. Now he needs OUR help.

Mail your checks payable to:
Brand for Mayor 2017
125 South Broadway
Redondo Beach, CA 90277

Or click here to make an online donation:

Web of Corruption and Deceit

Gregory Geiger, Principal at Westport Capital, and Fred Bruning of CenterCal Properties, during the recent Coastal Commission hearing in Redondo Beach, were served subpoenas to appear for a deposition before the attorneys for Bill, Nil’s & Rescue Our Waterfront. We just learned in court yesterday that after making up numerous excuses to avoid it they now must appear for a deposition. The judge stated they can no longer avoid testifying under oath.

Redondo Beach Waterfront LLC, of which Westport Capital and CenterCal Properties are principals, has sued the City of Redondo Beach 3 times since Measure C passed and Mayor Brand was elected in 2017. Two of Westport Capital and CenterCal’s long time supporters and Redondo residents have also sued:
- Bill Brand
- Brand for Mayor 2017
- Volunteer Treasurer, Linda Moffat
- Rescue Our Waterfront, Wayne Craig, and Martin Holmes
- Redondo Beach Council Member, Nils Nehrenheim

Travis and Voisey are nasty, vindictive people who we think are doing the dirty work for CenterCal Properties and Westport Capital.

The City is defending Bill and Nils in the three actions against the City, but Redondo residents, Arnett Travis and Chris Voisey, are suing him personally, claiming he should have declared himself a ‘controlling candidate’ of Rescue Our Waterfront, which of course, he was not. While he did not control ROW, that doesn’t stop well-funded residents from doing the bidding of CenterCal, Westport, and their principals like Gregory Geiger and Fred Bruning.

We all believe this is a “SLAPP” suit, which stands for Strategic Lawsuit Against Public Participation. These developer-funded suits are not designed to win necessarily, but to use the courts to intimidate and bully those who oppose their projects. Strategic lawsuits against public participation have become all the rage among the developing community as they try to intimidate activists, elected officials and other critics into silence by distracting them with legal action and enormous fees - very totalitarian tactics that have no place in America, and why California has a law against such suits.
Go here for a video explaining SLAPP suits:

If CenterCal or Westport Capital had personally sued our Mayor, then he would have filed an immediate anti-SLAPP suit and this would have been dispensed of a long time ago. Clever as they are, CenterCal and Westport likely recruited their long-time supporters, Travis and Voisey, to do their dirty work for them in order to shield themselves from an anti-SLAPP motion - anti-SLAPP suits don’t apply to residents, only anti-American corporations.

Travis and Voisey were recently questioned under oath regarding who was funding this lawsuit. They were both instructed by their attorney not to answer. Coincidentally, their attorney, Bradley Hertz, was paid over $90,000 by Redondo Waterfront LLC. during the NO on Measure C campaign, which was almost solely funded by CenterCal.

You can’t make this stuff up! And Bill can’t afford these legal expenses. He can only continue his defense with your help. Please consider a donation to help him fight this frivolous lawsuit that was brought to scare all of us from fighting their overdevelopment plans. CenterCal and Westport Capital don’t care about Redondo Beach or their residents.
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3 months ago

Rescue our Waterfront

Redondo Beach Mayor Bill Brand gave a fantastic presentation last week at the California Coastal Commission meeting in Redondo Beach. Take a look and see how great it is now having a mayor who actually knows the facts, and can clearly detail the problems with the CenterCal mall!

It was noted that former Mayors Steve Aspel and Mike Gin were there as well and even turned in speaker cards. Odd they didn’t bother to come up and speak like everyone else did. Maybe as some have speculated they are finally becoming too embarrassed on being remembered for their myriad of bad decisions that led up to this disastrous mall proposal from CenterCal in our harbor. Possibly that combined with having no response to Mayor Brand’s presentation means we will probably be hearing less and less from these failed mall proponents.
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3 months ago

Rescue our Waterfront

At the Coastal Commission meeting Thursday we had an enormous turnout of ROW supporters. When one speaker asked for more time to talk about the Waterfront mall the chairperson held up a huge stack of over 200 speaker cards and said. “Are You kidding me, and most of these are opposed” (check out the video)

It was obvious to the Coastal Commission Redondo Beach doesn’t want the CenterCal mall but we have more to do. The final decision still won’t be made until mid August at a location to be determined so the battle continues.

Right now we still need your support and you can donate online on our website at to help ROW continue to defend you, us, the law and Redondo Beach.

Rescue Our Waterfront PAC ID#1387229
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3 months ago

Rescue our Waterfront

This is what we are up against and why we need you to speak Tomorrow April 12 at 9AM before it’s too late!

The attached posting has CenterCal’s email detailing their plans for the Coastal Commission tomorrow.

It was sent to the Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce from an employee claiming “they no longer work at CenterCal”. Just more apparent lies from the people who make Sinclair Media look honest. Here’s just a few points to note:

• Paid lobbyists pretending to be concerned citizens

• Selecting physically challenged individuals to speak on ADA compliance.

• Encouraging a few business owners naïve enough to think they can afford the rent in the new mall talk about how great it will be. One that even allegedly has a gazillion names saying they want the mall too. Probably easy to do after offering a discount on items in exchange for signing a petition.

• Making sure they have someone speak about diversity. Going to be hard to do if this mall as the marketing brochures claim will bring a new level of affluent shopper. (The rest of us not so much I guess).

Come and speak tomorrow before your voice is taken away for 99 years!Squaaaakkkkkk!!!!
The talking points are coming and boy are they a compilation of exager
rations, scare tactics and outright lies being spread around by our friend Marna at the Chamber of Commerce Frolic Room and Centercal mouthpiece Mickey Marrafino
Must be some extra stong punch being served on the PAC patio but the $$$$ CenterCal poured still has people drunk on misrepresentations landing in email all over the South Bay.
Here are some of the more ludicrous items

Scare Tactics
A lot of local people don’t come to Redondo waterfront anymore. High School students hang out in other cities because they don’t feel comfortable at RB Pier area. Local kids will be able to stay in their own community - ---- OK no data to measure who comes to the pier area. This is a scare tactic from the propaganda factory. Based on, ummmm, nothing.

Outright lies
Economic benefits: 2500 jobs, $3-6m annually in city revenue. $10m+ in Halo Effect (outside businesses that will benefit from Waterfront revitalization). Developer is paying for infrastructure repairs so city and residents don't have to---- False- City is only guaranteed $250,000/year for the first 30 years of the lease. We LOSE over $3 million per year in revenue from the harbor directed toward the pockets of CenterCal and Westport Capital. Should keep that money for the city, taxpayers and improving services for the public. Not Centercal bonus babies and Fred's plane.

Incredibly offensive
It would be helpful to have an ADA expert or someone who is physically challenged speak on behalf of the project and the ADA improvements that will provide them access to the beach at Seaside Lagoon, access to 2nd level at Tony’s, Public Market view from Beer Garden planned for the upper level, etc...-

This ask is wrong on so many levels it's hard to stomach. Solicit someone who has been disabled and ask them to parrot talking points so you can build a mall?

Don't think CenterCal - Westport Capital and their lawsuits are going away quietly.

Don't think hired guns Cerrell Associate and Suzanne McCabe are not in the ear of Commissioners and staff daily pushing the above falsehoods.

Don't think the Chamber isn't anxious to stick their snout back in the trough of taxpayer dollars and developer dollars.

Up to you Redondo. Show up, stand up, speak out
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