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Rescue our Waterfront
Rescue our Waterfront1 week ago
We hear from some local businesses on the pier CenterCal has made them promises and they can't wait to be part of the "Waterfront Project." Others are skeptical. Do they really have a long term place in CenterCal plans? Here is a list of "internationally renown" stores at another CenterCal project. See any local "Mom & Pop" locations? Or large chain retail? We want our local small businesses to thrive and be part of the community long term. Unfortunately, despite what they may have heard, this list looks like it might not be the case if CenterCal gets their way. Have a look below and tell us what you think:

Bridgeport Village is the Pacific Northwest’s preeminent fashion and lifestyle shopping center. Consisting of 500,000 square feet, the center offers an outstanding and enviable array of exclusive, internationally renowned stores and boutiques which include The Container Store, Anthropologie, Lululemon, Apple, J. Crew, Crate & Barrel, Madewell, Sundance, Z Gallerie, Eileen Fisher, MAC Cosmetics, Tommy Bahama, Soft Surroundings and the largest Regal IMAX Theatre in the state. Bridgeport Village serves as a dynamic gathering place where people can shop, dine, relax and attend special events.

CenterCal won't tell us who the tenants are going to be. Is this why?
Rescue our Waterfront
Rescue our Waterfront1 week ago
Lawsuit Explained

A lot of you have been asking about the baseless lawsuit filed against ROW, Wayne Craig, Martin Holmes, Mayor Bill Brand, his treasurer Linda Moffat, and Council Member Nils Nehrenheim

As mentioned previously, the proper jurisdiction for the baseless personal lawsuits filed by CenterCal surrogates is the California Fair Political Practices Commission (the “FPPC”). In fact, the FPPC is already examining the same baseless allegations, filed by another supposed “concerned citizen” last February. What’s interesting is this same “concerned citizen” is a co-homeowner and domestic partner of yet another “concerned citizen” who has been so far paid nearly $8,800 by the “No On C campaign with major funding by CenterCal". This is public record in campaign filings – we don’t know what he has been additionally paid by CenterCal outside of the political campaign. Coincidence, or paid work of henchmen? You decide.

In the bogus lawsuit filed, one of the plaintiffs (Chris Voisey) once stated publicly, "I am authorized to speak on behalf of CenterCal". So one has to ask, how can he be an impartial “concerned citizen” and an “authorized” representative of CenterCal while claiming he isn’t being paid by them? That’s something we look forward to hearing in his sworn deposition with our attorney, under penalty of perjury. The other plaintiff (Arnette Travis) makes the same claim of not being paid, yet shows up at virtually every catered event hosted by CenterCal. Travis also is the leader of the failed CenterCal CREW group, which held meetings in the offices of the recently defunded Redondo Beach Chamber of Commerce. Either way, it’s likely CenterCal and its surrogates are behind the FPPC complaint and personal lawsuit.

One irony in their allegation is that it amounts to the FPPC investigating themselves. You see, ROW followed written instructions provided to it by the FPPC through the campaign, and has the emails from them to prove it. So what’s going to happen after this goes to court? Probably nothing at all, as these allegations are intended to just waste time and money. Since the original claim was filed with the FPPC 7 months ago, nothing has happened. We have had all of our documents ready for review yet no one has contacted us.

The good thing is despite all the drama we can win – we just need your help!

Please donate to ROW now to can continue the legal fight to Rescue Our Waterfront.

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Rescue our Waterfront
Rescue our Waterfront3 weeks ago
ROW and the Residents of Redondo Beach Keep Winning Again and Again!

CenterCal has been losing a lot this year, and acting like a poor loser.
Once, Twice, Nine Times a Loser

9 Examples:

1. Lost the election and Measure C passed in a landslide

2. Wasted nearly $600,000 in a poorly run, amateurish, negative, and fact-challenged campaign against Measure C.

3. Bill Brand beat incumbent Steve Aspel to become Mayor.

4. Todd Loewenstein and Nils Nehrenheim elected in their districts with large margins.

5. The California Coastal Commission agreed with the appeal from Redondo Beach residents, and voided the proposed city approval of the CenterCal Mall project.

6. The Coastal Commission agreed to hear Measure C and the proposed CenterCal Mall plan at the same time in a de novo hearing.

7. The intervener motion filed by ROW and Building a Better Redondo was granted to defend Measure C in the $15 Million dollar lawsuit CenterCal filed against the city. This was due to the absence of adequate representation by our City Attorney, and some biased council members. This allows our own attorney, Frank Angel, to more aggressively argue for Measure C in that lawsuit.

8. CenterCal still faces the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) lawsuit filed by Building a Better Redondo to be heard in trial later this year.

9. CenterCal appears to be behind a “baseless” personal lawsuit filed last month by alleged concerned citizens. It was against Wayne Craig and Martin Holmes of ROW, Mayor Bill Brand, his volunteer campaign treasurer Linda Moffat, and newly elected Council Member Nils Nehrenheim. The alleged plaintiffs claim they are not hired by CenterCal yet one of them (Chris Voisey) once stated publicly, "I am authorized to speak on behalf of CenterCal". So how can an impartial “concerned citizen” and an “authorized” representative of CenterCal claim he isn’t being paid by them?

One has to wonder what’s next with CenterCal and its owners. Can we expect more outlandish claims, baseless lawsuits, and even childish threats? (Probably).

What we do know is we aren’t giving up and whatever they try next will only make us stronger.
Thank you again for your support and we couldn’t do it without you.

In the meantime, please visit our website now at and help ROW continue to defend Redondo Beach.
Rescue our Waterfront
Rescue our Waterfront4 weeks ago
A heartfelt “Thank You” to everyone who came last night to the ROW fundraiser to support our democracy against a billion dollar company. At times it's a challenge, but knowing we have a large and caring community supporting us makes it all worthwhile.

We won an election in a landslide with Measure C, we helped to change the focus of our local government, and we will overcome this baseless lawsuit as well with your help.

Thank you again for your generous support!
Rescue our Waterfront
Rescue our Waterfront4 weeks ago
Incredible auction items given to us!! Can't wait for you to see them tonight at Samba's at 7pm!
Rescue our Waterfront
Rescue our Waterfront4 weeks ago
Rescue Our Waterfront Legal Defense Fundraiser Tonight!

7pm to 10pm at Sambas Restaurant!

Let’s ROW CenterCal Out of Town!

A private surfing lesson with Mayor Bill Brand, exotic wines, a dinner at Sophie’s Place, Sambas, or an amazing fajita dinner at El Baja Chef on the International Boardwalk. All of these and more are up for auction with the proceeds going to defer the legal expenses for those being sued personally by CenterCal.

When Rescue Our Waterfront leaders Wayne Craig and Martin Holmes led the successful Measure C campaign against a billion dollar company, they had no idea of what would happen next. Vindictive and desperate, mall developer CenterCal decided to personally sue them using "alleged concerned citizens" (surrogates). They also decided to sue Mayor Bill Brand, his treasurer Linda Moffat, and newly elected Council Member and ROW Co-founder Nils Nehrenheim. If this seems rather petty and pointless it is.

While the lawsuit is baseless, it is not without cost. As a result, these individuals have to personally pay thousands of dollars just for exercising their right to vote.

Please come out tonight and help support our democracy.

In the meantime, please visit our website now at and help ROW continue to defend Redondo Beach.

Event: Let’s ROW CenterCal Out of Town!
Date: Tuesday August 22
Time: 7-10pm
Location: Samba Brazilian Steakhouse
207 N Harbor Drive, Redondo Beach, CA 90277