ROW Town Hall Feedback

On Thursday, March 30 Rescue Our Waterfront hosted a town hall meeting at Samba Brazilian Steakhouse. Over 100 residents attended to share their ideas about the future of our waterfront.

After a brief introduction and overview of Measure C, we hosted a short Q&A. The bulk of the meeting was dedicated to listening to the community. Our exercise provided two key areas for the community to get involved. First, there was a “Sticky Notes” activity where participants circled the room answering 20 brain teaser questions asking for their feedback, thoughts, and ideas on various topics. Second, there was a group brainstorming activity where participants at each of the 10 tables answered the broad question “What do you want in our waterfront?”

In the pages that follow, you will find the raw, uncensored feedback from our community. We have documented in detail every response on every sticky note to every poster question we asked. We have documented in detail every note from every group table discussion. In the coming weeks we intend to analyze the raw data for trends and themes, but for now we present only the raw feedback from the community.

Our hope is that you take the time to read it and understand what your community wants. We hope you act upon those wishes by hosting your own town hall meeting or attending a future town hall meeting that ROW intends to host in the coming weeks. We believe it is vital that our elected officials pay attention to the goals and wishes of our community. We invite you to stay informed and participate in upcoming ROW town hall events. The community wants to be heard and wants you to represent their interests.

Read the raw comments from our community here:

ROW Town Hall raw data