Initiative Wording DRAFT – 3rd Version

Did we skip version 2? Nope! We wrote it, went back, digested it, and decided instead of a public release, re-wrote the initiative to be even simpler and easier to read. Here is what we incorporated from our meetings:

  • Simpler language
  • Disregard language from portions of Measure G that we don’t need
  • Disregard language from portions of Redondo Ordinances that don’t apply
  • Ensure Boat Ramp is not affected by wave crests over break-wall
  • Ensure Boat Ramp usability: specify amount of lanes, parking & boat lengths
  • Ensure Boat Ramp is operational before new lease space is leased
  • Preserve or expand the size of the Seaside Lagoon
  • Include a public pool as a suitable replacement for Seaside Lagoon
  • Forbid opening Seaside Lagoon to the Harbor Water
  • Forbid Parking structures
  • Ensure Parking structures are included in size and scope of the project
  • Multiple view protections specified, from multiple specified locations